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How to Plan the Marketing of an Online Business

Marketing an Online Business is the hardest part of today’s new e-commerce-driven world. A successful online business needs to make use of website-enhancing tools such as blogging and search engine optimization. Though it is true that Marketing an Online Business utilises the sound principles of offline marketing but it is worth mentioning that online audience and methods are different.

The success of e marketing is understanding and utilising the different technologies and opportunities available.

Marketing an Online Business has to be regulated by certain changing strategies. The first and foremost strategy is to know the users’ most preferable sites, which should be updated with news or personalised, gift recommendations. Knowing the competitors and establishing own point of difference has to be the key analysis for Marketing an Online Business.

A good website ensures that its users interact with its brand through great functionality and accessibility. So active interaction and knowing the user’s behaviour should be taken into account while planning the marketing of online business. The URL has to be promoted too wherever the business logo is promoted. Then it has to be promoted on business cards, ads and articles.

People have made mistakes and had huge successes by the method of trial and error. So in Marketing an Online Business the best way is to learn from those people. These ways are extremely efficient and cost effective in the online environment.

While Marketing an Online Business it is also needed to submit the particular site and website to the Look smart Dictionary which search results for websites. Online marketing being the youngest and ever changing medium planned in the said way would have a productive functioning.

How Newbies Can Read Forex Prices to Tell Where the Market Is Going

When newbie traders glance at a forex chart, it can seem daunting to understand anything. Price going here and there without any obvious reason. But once you understand the keys to look for and train your eye to see these keys in just seconds, your forex trading will finally reach that profitable level.

So what exactly should newbie traders be looking for?

Support and resistance

Support and resistance is a very simple concept that every trader needs to understand. Support is created when the price is falling, dramatically stops, and then begins to rise. The lowest price during the fall is called support. This price supported the market’s fall and caused it to go back up.

Resistance is the exact same thing except in reverse – the market is rising, it stops dramatically and begins to fall. The highest price in the rise is the resistance.

The reason that support and resistance is so important is because they tell you exactly how far the market could go before it reached its turning point. For various reasons – some of them are quiet obvious, some we will never understand – the market changed direction.

But the support and resistance levels did not happen by accident. Some traders (or group of traders) caused the market to turn around.

You need to take note of these critical price levels and watch for the market to reach them again. When it does, be ready for price to be affected.

Trend lines

Trend lines are very similar to support and resistance levels except that trend lines are drawn diagonally, not horizontally. Trend lines represent the top and bottom extremes of trends. Trends are every bit as important as horizontal support and resistance lines. Once price reaches the trend line, be ready for the market to 1) turn around or 2) break through the trend lines abruptly.

Either way, you make money.

Downsize the Company and Start with the… Marketing Dept?

Often when executive management teams look at downsizing they see big numbers of costs in some departments, with no profit to offset them. Often the marketing department responsible for all sales is like this; it shows up as costs, while the sales department shows up as sales minus costs. Many times marketing is in charge of branding, which is so hard to place a real number on, as it is all Blue Sky and Corporate Goodwill.

Downsizing the marketing department first is kind of funny thing that happens sometimes in Corporate America and yet it is unfortunately a problem too. Yes, well leave it to the linear thinking Chain Saw Al’s of the world. Come in there and cut costs, anywhere you see them. Of course we all know that ripping the guts out of a company can cause all sorts of chaos and losses in organizational capital, which is something else that is often hard to read on a Corporate Balance Sheet too.

You know it is funny how easy it is to run circles around them MBA marketeers or some times when their egoes get in the way The Mouseketeers? Perhaps you are a small business person and you have noticed how easy it is to out market the Corporate Marketing Departments of your competition with endless money to spend? Do you think this is why corporate America wants to cut out the fat? Maybe they see the same thing too, as more and more people are going online to buy things and such.

If you are a small business person then perhaps you have read some similar books on marketing, although I am most certain all my marketing experience came from actually doing rather than reading it. Either way suffice it to say that you can beat the big boys in marketing in your small business no problem, as it is obvious they do not value marketing or even understand how it works. Consider all this in 2006.